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Why Fireplace Candelabra or Candle Holders for My Hearth?

  • No hassle with firewood with a fireplace candelabra or fireplace candle holders.

  • No expense of gas logs or firewood.

  • No need to clean out ashes with a fireplace candelabra.

  • No need to pump heat of a fireplace fire into your house in the summer just because you want the glow of firelight.

  • Meets your needs year round because the weather is never too hot for candles in your fireplace candelabra or fireplace candle holder.

 Aboretum fireplace candelabra

  • The variety of styles and finishes available in fireplace candelabra lets you choose one with a design and finish to complement your room.

  • Easy to change the type and color of the candles in your fireplace candelabra to match your decor, the season, a holiday, your mood, or a special event.

  • The choice of scented candles in your hearth candelabra allows you to set the ambiance of the room.

  • Some are narrow enough to fit in front of gas logs, making them perfect way to use your gas fireplace in the summertime.

Tiffany Fireplace Candelabra

  • Fireplace candelabra make great gifts, too, especially the ones that already come with candles.

  • They come in styles and finishes to work with your fireplace and fireplace accessories.

  • Fireplace candelabra and candle holders with from one to 10 candles.

 Sammy Fireplace Candelabra

Introducing the NEWEST Fireplace Candelabra

Adore Fireplace Candelabra

Switch out candles for long-burning ethanol bio-fuel with the
Adore Fireplace Candelabra. That glass and stainless steel provides a modern update!  It all but disappears behind a fireplace screen, giving only the sparkle of real fire: What a clever way to get the effect of a real, burning fire without the hassle!

Isabella Fireplace CandelabraAre you searching for a fireplace candelabra with a modern vibe?  Do you need a fireplace candelabra that will fill the floor space in your tapered fireplace? Back by popular demand, the Isabella Fireplace Candelabra not only serves both of those needs but also have a dramatic, architectural quality!  It holds seven candles at two levels!

Escher Fireplace CandelabraThe 43 inch wide Escher is a dual purpose treasure! It can be used inside a large fireplace as a fireplace candelabra. Or for more traditionally sized fireplace, it can be used as a summer fireplace screen. Either way, the Escher is an eye-catching gem.

fireplace candles - candles for fireplace candle holder or fireplace candelabra

Now we have CANDLES in white, ivory, and colors for all your fireplace candelabra and candle holders including

Customers' Favorites

3 Inch Ball Candles, Set of 24
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6 x 3 Inch Pillar Candles, Set of 12
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Tiffany Fireplace Candelabra
In Stock. Free Shipping
Expandable Fireplace Candelabra
In Stock. Free Shipping
Olivia Fireplace Candelabra
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Mini Spandrels II Fireplace Candelabra
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Spandrels Fireplace Candelabra
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Dianna Fireplace Candelabra
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